In the world of cyber space it is sometimes difficult to find a web developer who (1) is 100% committed to a project (2) is consistently reliable and trustworthy (3) has the clients best interest at heart. Fortunately, Adam embodies all of these qualities, in addition to being extremely knowledgable and one of the best experts in his field. I have been working with Adam on and off for the past 2 years and time and again he proves his professionalism and stellar work. Adam is easy to get in touch with, responds within a 24 hour window and always does his due diligence to make the best recommendation to not only create a well functioning, beautiful website, but also to help save you money. Thank you Adam for your incredible work, and for helping me create a platform online where I can share my passion while making a business out of it.


Adam is THE person to hire if you want to go pro. He is one of those rare breeds who rocks the creative, the techy, and collaboration process. 100% trustworthy, dependable (like I never need to followup), no bull deadlines (always right on), and genuine cheer for your project. Seriously, hire him.

I had the pleasure of working with Adam when he patiently lead the process of developing and creating a truly beautiful website for me. I had countless questions due to my virtually non-existent technical skills and Adam answered each and everyone of them clearly and without judgement. He was professional, knowledgeable and kind. He made appropriate & insightful suggestions throughout the process which I greatly appreciate. I very much look forward to working with Adam again in the future.

I’m so grateful that Adam created a website that I can update myself–totally necessary when you have ever changing content. I’m always amazed at how easy it is for Adam to turn my unrefined ideas into beautiful & functional designs. I trust Adam with my entire brand identity–to keep if fresh, fun & marketable.

Mary Beth Leisen, PhD

Adam created two related websites for me, from logo design to MailChimp, and I can’t recommend working with him more highly. Adam is a rare combination of technical and creative talent – he creates not just for functionality but also design. Adam made smart recommendations on different aspects of the site, as well as how to manage it and integrate it into my business.

Even more than this, however, Adam is incredibly patient, of very high integrity, and able to explain everything so I understood and was comfortable (no small feat considering I’d never built a website before!). He’s also organized and efficient, so every step happened as he said it would. Adam also took me through the website’s entire functionality when it was completed, made sure I had all the passwords and other things I needed, and answered all my questions so I could take it over.

If you’re looking for someone who will not only make a great website for your business but who is also a terrific person and amazing to work with, you couldn’t find anyone better than Adam Mills. I’m a huge fan.

Mary Beth Leisen, PhDLeisen Consulting
Dr. Deanine Picciano AP, LMT

Working with Adam on my website was one of the best things I did last year for my business. From the look, colors and concept I had in mind-Adam was spot on with everything he presented me with as an idea after we talked. I really feel he listened deeply and translated my vision into reality from colors to functionality. He has a very creative side and he saw the greater view of what I could step into after hearing my goals and objectives. It was beyond my expectations.

Each stage was a process and an evolution that he guided me thru and was patient, clear and professional. Adam is really informed and up to date on all aspects and trends in the digital world. It was a blessing to work with his visionary and technical understanding. I absolutely love my website. It is beautiful and functional. It is something I feel connected with because working with Adam was a co-creative process. I feel it has longevity and can grow with the changing technology and at the same time I have the freedom to refine and add to my site as I am inspired too. For that I am grateful. I am proud to refer people to my website. I highly recommend working with Adam if you desire to bring who you are and what you do into the world with ease, grace, clarity and impact.

Dr. Deanine Picciano AP, LMTDr. Deanine

Before I began working with Adam, I had no idea what type of brand or website I wanted to create for my business. From our first conversation, Adam took me through the process and options step by step, focusing on my particular business services, needs and goals. He understood the project concept right way – providing great suggestions and feedback every step of the way to building my logo, e-newsletter and website. He explained things clearly and responded to all my inquiries and ideas promptly. Since launching my business, I’ve been very pleased with the website, e-newsletter and business logo that Adam designed for me. These branding tools accurately and powerfully reflect what I offer, and they have been very effective in helping me promote my services and generate many leads for my business.


I had opened up my WordPress website and had begun working on it, but after a while became increasingly frustrated with my lack of ability to get it to look the way I had envisioned. Adam was recommended to me as a website designer with skill in working with solo and small businesses. Because I wanted to incorporate a blog and be able to do some updating myself, I felt that Adam was a good fit. He was very patient with me, and always gave great advice/feedback for my ideas. While I did have something of a vision, I also recognized that this was a new domain for me, and that I had to trust the experience and the expertise of my website designer. I had no disappointments. Adam was easy to work with and gave me training at the end so that I could do some updating myself. He always met his timelines and was extremely fairly priced. Bottom line: you won’t be disappointed.


Bottomless Design was instrumental in revamping my small business website in an expeditious, fail-proof manner. For the quality of work and speed of delivery, I couldn’t find a better value out there. All elements were fully functional from the get go, and the finished product was seamless and esthetically pleasing. Adam was both professional and approachable, and always delivered something extra without prompting. Case in point, over a web conference call, he helped me navigate WordPress, giving valuable tips along the way, and then emailed me a meticulous recap document afterward. With Bottomless Design, you’re getting the whole package at a very reasonable price.

Building a website can be a very daunting task, and I feel very fortunate to have had the chance to work with Adam Mills, a true expert in his field.

I approached Adam with a very, very, basic idea of what I actually wanted. He was somehow able to understand my idea, and is truly responsible for helping me formulate the final vision. He was patient, courteous and creative throughout the initial stages of my concept, and remained this way throughout.

Adam is great with people, and has a natural ability to meld his creativity with the blossoming idea that you throw out on the table.

Once the website was complete, he led me through a very thorough training session.  After 1 hour of his teaching, I was totally educated on how to run my website on my own.  I have been running my website for 14 months now, and he continues to be a valuable resource for me, when I have any questions.  He always gets back to me promptly, which is so amazing for someone like me, who is running a subscription service website.  I unequivocally recommend Adam Mills, and guarantee that you will have a wonderful experience working with him.

Last year I called Adam in a panic because I had to have a website built rather quickly. We spoke on the phone and he explained the process to me and what he would need from me in order to get the job done. I sent him all the necessary information, and within two weeks I had my website!! Adam was very accessible, easy to talk to, efficient, showed great expertise in his work and the price was very fair.
I trust Adam as a professional and a lovely person to do business with. I highly recommend Adam!