Why my clients and I love WordPress

Why-my-clients-and-I-love-WordPress WordPress is my preferred option for launching stylish websites that can be easily updated at a moments notice. It’s a free platform that once started out as a service for bloggers, but has since developed into a rich and powerful content management system. It’s scalable, allowing for website design as simple or as complex as needed. Using WordPress with my clients allows them to make changes to page content, upload photos, or create their own blog posts themselves. This helps to give them hands on access to their website and allows them to make instant changes to content if necessary. It’s easy for a first time user to update their site due to the accessible and user-friendly WordPress Dashboard. Essentially, if you’re comfortable updating your status and adding photos to your Facebook account, you’ll be able to use WordPress. A terrific feature of WordPress is the ability to use themes. A theme acts as a template, providing the visual look of the site. I’ve created custom themes for clients and stylized premium themes as well, as they are both strong options when designing your WordPress site. In either option, the client receives a fresh and unique website design that will stand out amongst their competitors. Another valuable characteristic of WordPress is the depth of available Plugins. A plugin is like an app that can add almost limitless functionality to a WordPress site, such as calendars, contact forms, or Search Engine Optimization. Using plugins to add this sort of customization is a quick and trusted process that reduces the client’s cost and speeds up the project. Ultimately, versatility is perhaps the best feature of WordPress. A client can have control over their website, allowing for vast customization. Updates can be made from anywhere, including a mobile device. WordPress puts you in the driver’s seat. Whether you’re looking for a small informational website or a much larger site with customer interaction, community and more, it can all be achieved with WordPress.

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I’m a Graphic Artist with a passion for effective design. I prefer a minimalist approach, keeping my work clean & modern while letting your message shine through. Interested in working together? Let's start the conversation.

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